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Jesus "Google" Poster
Design by Paul Blackett,
1Mb .pdf format
"Gods Love - The Word on the street"
Design by Paul Blackett, Photo by Leroy Allen Skalstad of Milwaukee and used by permission of
12.6Mb .pdf format
"Security in the Storm"
Design by Paul Blackett, Photo by Nasir Khan of Mequon Milwaukee USA and used by permission of
592k .pdf format
"Talk to the Shepherd"
Design by Paul Blackett, Photo by Scott Lidell of Edinburgh Scotland and used by permission of
832k .pdf format
"At Church Love means everything"
Design by Paul Blackett, Photo by Bianca Meyer geb. Bollmeier of Ostwestfalen - Germany, used by permission of
8.3Mb .pdf format
A0Tennis.PDF A0saints.PDF
"Saints have a past, Sinners have a Future”
Design by Paul Blackett, Photo by Keith Richardson of Australia, used by permission of
Quote from Cardinal Hume
4.3Mb .pdf format
“Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of Heaven"  
Design by Paul Blackett
1.6Mb .pdf format
“Bigger Father - God"  
Design by Paul Blackett
64kb .pdf format
ecg.pdf death and life2.pdf
"He’s Alive!"
Design by Paul Blackett, although it is based on a similar design seen at a US Church. Please contact us if you know who it is!
9k .pdf format
"Death and Life"
Design by Paul Blackett,
12k .pdf format
“Oh My God”
How many times do you hear people say this? Here is an attempt to reclaim the expression. Look at the cross, realise what Jesus did for you, and exclaim Oh My God.
Design by Paul Blackett
1.3Mb .pdf format
©Central Methodist Church unless otherwise stated.
All of the posters here are freely downloadable for use by Churches and other Christian Groups. As is usual, please acknowledge where you got them from and maybe let us know where you used them!
election.pdf election.pdf
Election Posters!
Design by Paul Blackett,
1 file 82Kb .pdf format
A0Colour_chocbox.pdf A0Colour_Mountain2.pdf
Hard Nut?
Design by Paul Blackett,
1.7Mb .pdf format
"Teach me your way, Lord"
Design and photo by Paul Blackett,
1.7Mb .pdf format
Future Plans
Design by Paul Blackett
Photo from
1Mb pdf format
The future.pdf