Methodist Action (NW)

A statement from the Preston Ribble Methodist Circuit

Methodist Action North West has been a separate charity but with links to the Methodist church in Lancashire for the last ten years. It began with the care of homeless men in Preston through the Fox Street Centre attached to Central Methodist Church in Lune Street. This continues a long tradition of supporting the poor of Preston, which dates back in recent history to 1978 and in longer time to the early 19th century.

Through national grants Central Methodist Church was able to refurbish the Fox street centre and look after 20 homeless men. A separate charity, Methodist Action (NW) was subsequently formed to take forward and manage the project. Through various government initiatives the charity was encouraged to look after not just the homeless but also those moving on into their own accommodation. In this way the charity has worked with landlords and brought empty homes back into use, providing accommodation for single people and families.

In addition the charity provided specialist workers to provide supported living programmes for these families. Through changing government initiative and the introduction of universal credit the benefits coming in have been less than the outgoings. The charity has worked with landlords and others but these efforts have failed to reduce the on-going deficit and the correct an appropriate action has been to resolve to take steps to put the company into liquidation as the best way to support the tenants and those at greatest risk.

The Methodist Church in Preston and Lancashire, have been kept informed of the attempts by the charity over the last months and to keep working and whilst we are saddened by the outcome are grateful for the way in which the charity has worked for the last decade and are hopeful that at least some of the work can continue into the future.

There have been some inaccurate press reports that say that MA(NW) Head Office is based in Lune Street – that is incorrect. MA(NW) is an independent charity whose address is:

Howick House, Howick Park Ave, Penwortham, Preston, PR1 0LS

We have been asked to add that any enquiries should be addressed to:

The Methodist Press office.


Tel 020 7467 5191

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